Frequently Asked Questions

Are masks required?
We will follow state guidelines at the time of each tournament regarding masks and social distancing.
Which team is the home team and what color jersey do we wear?
We do not designate a home team or jersey color for each team since many teams do not have two colors of jerseys. So, if you have two colors of jerseys or reversibles then bring those and determine what color you will be before each game based on what color the opposing team is wearing.
Why do we play so late on Sunday evening?
Seaside Basketball Tournaments are very popular and many teams want the experience of participating. In order to accommodate as many teams as we can we fill our gym space to capacity and that means playing championship games and sometimes third place games at 7pm on Sunday evenings.
Will we play in Seaside gyms?
We use 6 gyms in Seaside and at times 2 gyms in Warrenton (8 miles N of Seaside) and 3 gyms in Astoria (15 miles N of Seaside). Most games will be played in Seaside.
Is the schedule posted and updated online?
Due to many changes that can occur by teams during the week of the tournament the schedule is not posted online. The coaches or team managers will be emailed first and second (or potential second time, based on win/loss scenario) game times and locations by the Wednesday before the tournament. Photos of brackets and schedules will be posted on the Pacific Basketball League Facebook page Friday evening before the tournament. Completed Saturday results and Sunday schedules will also be posted on the Facebook page Saturday night after each division is finalized.
What is considered a small school or B team?
A small school is a school that feeds into an Oregon 4A or smaller highschool (Washington would be 2A or smaller). A B team would be a second team from a school that feeds into an Oregon 5A or 6A highschool (Washington would be 3A or 4A).
What is open level?
Any level of team can sign up for an open tournament. However, small schools and B teams tend to sign up for their specific level of tournament and the open level tournaments tend to be teams at higher level of competition.